James and Jenny Davenport have seven children ranging in age from four to sixteen. The Davenports set the example of loving married couple. They are a team and always demonstrate teamwork, dedication and faith. They are even more in love today than they were when they married 17 years ago. Their testimony to the happiness of married life provides an inspiring example to youth.

Jenny she serves as a parent advocate experienced in healthcare and parenting issues. A Princeton graduate with a Masters in Education from George Washington University, she has over 17 years of teaching experience. Both Jenny and James are passionate Christians. They are also both passionate about sharing their hearts and knowledge with other families, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. For this reason they have founded the Davenport Center ,in order to have a base upon which they can serve other families and provide parenting education to adults and support children to be successful in life. The Davenport Center provides such services as foreign language classes, a diaper bank, children’s clothing exchange, book fairs, job search and resume assistance, “Mama to Mama” luncheons, and much more. The commitment of James and Jenny to the community has had a profound impact on their own children, who are also very committed and involved in volunteer work.

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