Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie

Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie are loving parents to Art, Amy and Anna. They are also the symbolic parents to the almost 7000 Chinese orphans they have single handedly found homes for via their adoption agency, Chinese Children Adoption International.

Josh and Lily have devoted the last 12 years of their lives to couples who want to be parents. They opened CCAI in 1994 and have been internationally recognized for their outstanding adoption services. They are the largest Chinese adoption agency in the world. To support adoptive families in the U.S., Josh and Lily established, in 1996, the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, which provides children a chance to connect to their heritage with education and fellowship.

In addition to their work here in the States, the Zhongs have been strong advocates for Chinese orphans and have constantly worked to improve orphanage conditions in China. In 1995 they established the Chinese Charity Fund for Chinese orphans. They also established the Lily Orphan Care Center to provide training and to lead orphanage reform in China. They have a deep concern for orphans with special needs and have established the waiting Child Program to expedite matches for these children, who are often older and in need of additional medical support. Josh and Lily and their twins, Art and Amy, themselves adopted Anna, a special needs child into their family in 2004.

Faith plays a big role in Josh and Lily’s lives. Josh is an ordained minister and has a background as a missionary. Both are involved in Face the Challenge, a Christian group dedicated to offering medical services to children in developing countries. Josh and Lily lead by example. Their faith translates into action on behalf the some of the world’s neediest children.

We are proud to honor Joshua and Lily as our 2006 Colorado Parents of the Year!

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